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Spatec Hot Tub Hire - 6 persons Hot Tub

The 6-person SPATECUK Hot Tub from Hire Hot Tub UK is the perfect choice for family entertainment. With one hydrotherapy lounger, five hydrotherapy seats and all-around massage functions. Relax and enjoy in comfort and style with the changing atmospheric lights and unwind with the hydrotherapy jets positioned perfectly for ultimate affect.



  • 5 regular seats and 1 lounge seat
  • Plugs into a normal 13 Amp socket
  • Built in LED Lights
  • 29 Targeted Massage Jets
  • Energy Saving insulation cover
  • Children Safety Lock



  • Seating capacity: 6
  • Dimensions (Length): 200cm
  • Dimensions (Width): 200cm
  • Dimensions (Height): 80cm
  • Power rated: 220-240V, 50Hz 13 Amp


Ensure there is adequate access

We need access of 202cm in width to deliver your hot tub rental safely, if access is tight, it is possible for us to turn the hot tub on its side and would only then need a minimum of 87cm in width, but make sure there is a safe clearance of 202cm in height.


Hire it – Love it – Buy it
Our sister company 'Penguin Spas' stock a large selection of multiple award-winning, energy efficient hot tubs. If you decide to keep the rented tub, we will refund the full hiring fee and 1/2 of the delivery fee*. If you decide to buy a new hot tub within 12 months of your hiring, we will refund 1/2 of the hire fee.


* Subject to availability and available to PRIVATE CLIENTS ONLY.
* Maximum discount of 1 week's hire rate applies

* Discount does not apply on promotional hot tubs

SPATEC 6 Person Hot Tub Hire UK - Minimum 28 Day Hire

  • First 20 miles are FREE from ML8 4QD, thereafter we charge a minimal rate of £0.45 per mile, four ways.

  • Hire Hot Tub UK requires all persons renting equipment to have read and understood the contents of the "Equipment Rental Agreement" prior to check out. It should be noted that once payment has been received you have accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions within the equipment rental agreement.

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