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Our Hot Tub Hire offers outstanding luxury, with a choice of real solid hot tubs or our range of premium portable hot tubs for your family and guests to enjoy - they will feel like they are on holiday and will truly appreciate the experience.


How much a hot tub will cost to hire will vary, depending on your location within the location, the length you wish to hire the hot tub for, and the type of hot tub you choose whether it be a solid jacuzzi styled hot tub or a premium wood burning hot tub. The prices listed below reflect the options you have when hiring a hot tub from Hire Hot Tub UK with additional discounts being offered for longer lengths of hire.

Our hot tubs provide the perfect place for fun family activities. Hiring a hot tub from Hire Hot Tub UK lets you spend quality family time together while enjoying warm, soothing bubbles.

Hot Tub Hire Packages: a wide selection of items for your party or event

We stock a vast range of hot tub party accessories, so that you can find everything you require under one roof. This is the place to choose the exact look you would like to create for your event.


Whether it is a gazebo, party lights, champagne stand, beer keg, music system, or outdoor cinema for hot tub movie nights, we have it covered. And should you not find what you are looking for, let us know and we will see what we can do. We have our ways!.


Secure your hot tub hire booking today with only a £30 deposit

Unlike many other hot tub hire companies across the UK who charge a security deposit, plus the full hire of your hot tub, Hire Hot Tub UK only requests a £30 deposit to secure your booking which is then deducted from the final amount due, and then the remaining balance to be paid 7 days prior to your luxury hot tub being delivered.

Get a quick quotation - check rates, availability and make your hot tub hire booking with just a few easy clicks.
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